The Call of Self: Awakening to A...


Apr 22, 2017

Sat 10:00 AM

666 Vermont Street
San Francisco, CA 94107



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Synthesis Center San Francisco In collaboration with The Synthesis Center, Amherst, Mass ~ since 1980, a leading center for psychosynthesis education & training in North America The Call of Self: Awakening to All You Can Be 4 weekends ~ 4 months ~ 4 life  A Synthesis Life Coaching Program for Personal Growth  This transformational life-coaching program is for individuals who are experiencing a call to manifest a fuller sense of purpose, meaning, and values in life and work.  PURPOSE  ~  MEANING  ~  DIRECTION  Discovery & Experience Experiential and dynamic group learning and individual coaching process that brings to life the theory and methods of Psychosynthesis, a transformational model of human growth and development based on principles of spiritual psychology.  Insight and Personal Growth Engage in an exceptional opportunity for self-development and personal growth. Let new dreams, possibilities and ways of living inform your path towards wholeness and health.   Find a deeper, more authentic expression of self in the world. Purpose and Possibility You are drawn to a life fully lived. You want to ignite your sense of purpose and create a life inspired with vision and manifested through action…to be all you can be.  Program includes 4 weekends: April 22–23:      Presence and Purpose; with Dr. Didi Firman,  Ed. D, LMHC, BCC  May  6-7:          Identity and Personal Freedom; with Jon Schottland, MA, BCC & Alan C Haras, MA June 10-11:      Sourcing Inner Wisdom; with  Susan Jewkes Allen, MSW, GCDF and Sara Vatore, M.Ed. August 5-6:  Synthesis: Becoming Whole; with  Dr Didi Firman and Jon Schottland, MA, BcC  We will meet on Saturdays: 10 – 4 pm;  Sundays: 10 – 2 pm This program will run concurrently with our coach training, as a personal development pathway. Participants may credit hours in this program towards Synthesis Center SF Life Coach Training for advanced entry application into the Board Certified Coach Training track at a future date. (additional practice/training hours may be required)  Tuition: Very Early bird: $895 - By April 5, 2017 Early bird: $1250 – by April 7, 2017;   $1650 after April 7, 2017 Tuition includes one, one-hour individual Synthesis Coaching Session to be arranged individually with Coaching Staff and available during the 4 months of the program. (Installment plan for tuition is available, by request)   Location: Potrero Hill – San Francisco, CA (address upon registration) Register: Contact us directly or via EventBrite   Contact us for more information: (415) 999-9643 Learn more about Psychosynthesis and our Board Certified Coach Training Program at:    “Psychosynthesis has been so very important to me and has been the missing key to freedom in my life. It has opened me up in ways I never knew was possible!”  - Sara V., Massachusetts