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  • Feist

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Feist: Feist has her fingers in a number of pies. She has achieved huge success as one of the original members of the musical collective, Broken Social Scene. Her solo career as an indie artist has at least rivaled or succeeded the popularity of Broken Social Scene, with Feist producing four hit albums and selling out tour dates. Her latest album, 2007's The Reminder, won the artist five Juno Awards and propelled Feist into the role of hit solo artist. Feist has recently returned her attentions to working with Broken Social Scene and working on a new solo album, which means no solo tour dates in 2011. Fans should be able to expect a full concert schedule once the material is finished, but will have to wait until then.

Leslie Feist was born on February 13, 1976, in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada. When she was fifteen, Feist started a local all-girl punk band called Placebo that won a Battle of the Bands contest, with first prize being a slot at the 1993 Infest Festival. After extensive tour dates with the punk band, Feist injured her vocal cords to the point that she was told she'd never sing again. She then moved to Toronto and began learning the guitar, eventually recording some tracks in her basement. While playing on concert schedules with By Divine Right (with Broken Social Scene's Brendan Canning) in 1999, she moved in with Merrill Nisker, who soon became known as the artist Peaches. Feist performed as a backup singer for Peaches on tour dates and even appeared in the lascivious music video for "Lovertits".

Also in 1999, Feist released her debut solo album, Monarch (Lay Your Jeweled Head Down). The now out-of-print album became a huge underground hit after it was sold at Feist's solo shows. After maintaining a busy concert schedule for a couple of years, she was again contacted by Canning to join Broken Social Scene. She joined the group before the recording of their second album, You Forgot It In People, in 2002, which received critical acclaim upon its release. While recording and performing tour dates with Broken Social Scene, Feist was also hard at work on her second solo album, Let It Die. Once Let It Die released, it sold half a million copies internationally, went platinum in Canada, and won Feist her first two Junos. Feist continued her rise to success with the 2007 release of The Reminder. The album debuted to marginal success that skyrocketed when Apple used the track "1234" in an iPod nano commercial. The track and the album rose to the top of the charts and, as critics took notice, was critically praised for its unique sound.

In the four years since the release of The Reminder, Feist has kept busy collaborating and contributing on the albums of other artists. Feist has also performed tour dates with Broken Social Scene following the release of the biographical book, This Book Is Broken. While Feist has no scheduled tour dates in 2011, she did announce in January 2011 that she was working on new material. Fans should keep an eye out for the announcement of a new album, with a busy concert schedule bound to follow.